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POWER TARPS truck covers

If you are looking for a tarping system for your truck-look no further than Power Tarps truck covers.

Power Tarps were designed about 10 years ago in Sydney, Australia by Terry Pitsis. He was a truckie-sick of continually tarping and un-tarping his load.

Since then he has spent time and money refining and developing his product to make it the market leader it is today.

The tarps have a twin cable design-its benefit being its simplicity, low maintenance and easy repair in case of accidental damage. In addition, the system is light and requires less effort to wind than a single cable system.

The standard Cover comes with a manual hand winder but an electric, chain driven system  operated from the cab is also available. Power Tarps are made with high quality galvanised ribs that are easily replaced if damaged by a loader. They are available at a height to suit your truck.

The skids are in UHMWPE for strength and low co-efficient friction. The custom extruded Alloy axle Housing Assembly is easy to fit, hides and protects the moving parts-and it looks great!

The axle is chrome hydraulic bar so it wont rust or require painting.

Power Tarps can be made in standard mesh or high quality PVC in a range of colours and gauges.


Watch the video of the standard cover