Building Cover for Weather Protection

Our brief from the client was to make a building cover for weather protection. It was to be used to protect two floors of a multi-storey, inner city building, whilst work was being carried out on the building exterior.

They also stipulated that the cover should be able to be moved from floor to floor as work progressed.

Signage was added to advertise the products being used on the building work.

As you can see from the photos the cover is working well.


Cairnscorp is constantly presented with a wide range of problem-solving challenges from companies and individuals. Working in conjunction with the client, the Cairnscorp design team can provide simple, cost-effective solutions.

We welcome all inquiries. We are constantly researching, testing and developing new materials and equipment to expand our products and services.

Pictured is a cover manufactured in response to client’s need to allow welders to work in the rain. A PVC umbrella was developed that could be clamped around the pipe, with a vented roof to let gases out, with a self-supporting edge.

We were asked to make part of a 70m waterslide for an event in Whangarei. We made the baffles and the inflatable part of the slide in our factory here in Pukekohe. It was a challenging job but everything worked exactly as it should.

See our test run on youtube at the link below. Look for the slide at an event near you. The client will be using in other venues as required in the future.