Improve Your Home With An Outdoor Living Area

Improving Your Home with an Outdoor Living Area

Here in New Zealand, most homes have a deck, whether it adjoins the property or stands alone as a pergola. Weather screens are a great way to enclose this space, creating a usable outdoor living area that can be enjoyed all year round, even when it’s raining.

At Cairnscorp, we make a variety of different styles of screens using clear PVC or mesh in a range of colours. We can manufacture and install screens to fit existing wooden or aluminium posts, or we can provide a complete screen system.

Importance of Weather Screens

Weather screens extend the use of your outdoor area, providing protection from rain and harmful UV rays. Mesh screens come in three different types: blackout screens for total privacy from close neighbours, 1% visibility screens which offer optimal visibility with up to 99% UV blockout, and 5% visibility screens which provide slightly less blockout (up to 95%) but are lighter. Mesh screens come in a variety of colours that can match or contrast with existing posts or spouting. Alternatively, clear PVC screens act like extra windows, giving you a clear view while providing protection.

Different Styles of Outdoor Weather Screens

Manual Roll-Up Screens

These basic screens, made from either PVC or mesh, can be fitted with an awning track and a tube at the bottom to allow the screen to be rolled up and clipped to the top with buckles when not in use. Zips can also be inserted to enable the screen to be rolled up.

Manual Crank Handle Screens

These screens, available in mesh or clear PVC, feature a roller at the top with a gearbox. The crank handle allows you to control the screen’s operation, winding it up and down with ease.

Complete Weather Screen Kits

Adding screens creates an additional room or outdoor space that can be used all year round. They provide privacy, help with climate control by blocking out wind, rain, and heat, and allow natural ventilation during the summer. Weather screens also protect furniture from UV rays, which can deteriorate coverings. Mesh screens offer clear views when looking out while providing privacy when looking in.

At Cairnscorp, we assist our customers in choosing the right style of outdoor weather screens by visiting their site and listening to their needs. After every install, we give all our customers a courtesy call to ensure they are completely happy before sending the final bill.

Benefits of Installing Weather Screens

Adding screens creates another room or outdoor space which can be used all year-round creating privacy helping climate control blocking the elements out i.e. wind rain and heat in the warmer months also allowing natural ventilation through summer protecting furniture from UV rays that can deteriorate furniture coverings. Mesh screens allow clear views when looking out and providing privacy when looking inwards.

At Cairnscorp we help our customers choose the right style of outdoor weather screens visiting their site and listening to their needs and after every install we give all our customers a courtesy call to ensure they are completely happy before sending the final bill.

Customer Testimonial

“Cairnscorp manufactured and installed two sets of PVC blind systems for us as part of our project to transform our outdoor space. We were surprised by the amount of detail and work that went into it. Although it took a little longer than expected to finish the project, it was definitely worth the wait. The sales consultant did a stellar job from start to finish, managing the quote, measurements, and all communication with the builder, and completing the install with the team. It was a nice touch to get a call from customer service post-install, checking on how everything went. We are happy with the finished product and will definitely come back to Cairnscorp again in the future.”

Below are before and after photos of a recently completed project.


To make the most of your outdoor living area, consider installing weather screens. They can protect you from the elements, provide privacy, and extend the usability of your outdoor space. At Cairnscorp, we offer a range of weather screen options to suit your needs. Contact us today to learn more and get started on your project.

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