Drop Screens For Commercial Use

Drop Screens For Commercial Use

Is the deck or patio at your place of business in need of some protection from the wind and rain?

You might have admired those drop down screens, roll up screens or cafe screens at other businesses around town.Whatever you call them we can design a concept for you and provide a free no obligation quote.



Ziptrak is a track-guided blind system suitable for multiple situations. It is unobtrusive when up and aesthetically pleasing when down. The system is easy to use, with a specialised spring loaded roller and aluminium side channels which allow the screen to glide up easily or stay in any position you choose. Bottom catches lock the screen in position for heavier weather.

Cairnscorp is the name that owns its authenticity and security in the Manufacturer of Ziptrak in Auckland.

We have awarded and regarded by our customers as the leading Ziptrak distributor in Auckland. These awnings act as the outdoor screen from the outside of your home, which acts as a shield for you.

The blinds are custom made to suit your outdoor area either for privacy (coloured PVC), weather(clear PVC) or as a sunscreen (mesh or tinted PVC). Some of these can be sign written with your logo if required.

The aluminium components can be powder coated to match your décor. The blind slots into a specially designed channel which keep its taut with no flapping or billowing.

No bulky tracks, no ropes, no buckles, NO HASSLE! Quick view video

Click here for video on PVC clear screen

Manual Roll Up Screens

Manual screens are custom made to fit your outdoor area using quality materials. We provide a reinforced PVC border around the perimenter of the clear or mesh centre panel. This perimenter PVC is available in a range of colours with a choice of clear, tinted or mesh fill. The style of the screen you use will depend whether you want to shield yourself from the wind and rain while keeping the view, block out the neighbours for some privacy, or keep the area cool behind a clear PVC screen with a tint or a mesh fabric that will allow a light breeze through. All those options will enable you to sit outside comfortably all year round no matter the weather.

Manual screens are also your best option for an area with a sloping roofline, or built-in seating, where the screens must be shaped to fit. The sides are zipped, and the screen is held in place while rolled up using straps and self-release buckles, or alternatively velcro straps. There are no gearboxes used as the screens are rolled by hand. We usually use aluminium bars in the bottom of the screen to help with the rolling up process and provide a bit of stability to the bottom of the screen.

Channel It

This is a top of the range screen, designed for higher wind areas. The screens can be wound to whatever height you desire and locked in place, giving ultimate flexibility. The aluminium side channels protect the gap between the edge of the screen. These channels and bottom rail can be powder coated to match your home’s exterior.

Like the manual screen, it is also available in a range of colours and fills.

The gearbox is used with a handle for ease of use.

The Channel It screen is very attractive and will compliment any exterior.

Rollex Screens

The Rollex system is mechanically operated using a gearbox and drum system similar to the Channel It system.There are no side channels or bottom rail.

The bottom traditionally has an aluminium tube along the bottom, and fixings to allow the bottom to be secured. The screen is then tensioned using the gearbox and drum.

There will be a gap on each side but this can be enclosed using removable Velcro cover strips, or a timber Facing board that is installed against the post the cover the gap.

Screens are a useful, attractive addition to residential or commercial applications. View the gallery for some examples and call us for a free site visit to discuss your options.

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