Shade Sail-Domestic

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of UV radiation in the world.A shade sail is an ideal way to provide UV protection for yourself and your home in a range of designs and colours. A shade sail will also protect your furnishings from fading.
Shade sails are also ideal for schools and kindergartens. They can extend the amount of usable space and provide shelter over pools, play areas, sand pits and so forth.

Knitted shade cloth provides up to 98% UV protection while allowing light and ventilation through the fabric. (10-year warranty)

We can design and manufacture to add a special look to any area. Our design service is free.

We use only quality shade cloth and fittings. However, if the Met Service warns of a “weather event” and you are exposed to the wind you might want to consider taking your sail down to prevent damage.

We offer a “wintering” service too for a small fee- so that if you don’t want your sail up over winter, and would rather let the light in, we will remove it, clean it and roll it up. You can then collect it and store it until Spring when we will return to reinstall it.

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With the safe and secure features, we deliver the custom-sized shade sails which incorporate extra stability to your house and workplaces. With the skilled craft persons, we craft the best-suited shades which provide safety from sunlight, snow, and wind. We are the leading brand with maximum manufactures of shade sails in Auckland. We deal all over New Zealand and it is our brand which has made us popular among the people there. These shades are manufactured from those shade elements which are tensile and have more power holding capacity. We have a team of Shade sails installers who work for you all day long and provide you the comfort while securing your home.

Visit our showroom at 25 Crosbie Road, Pukekohe, to see our shop and factory or call us on 0800 75 76 77.