Our Tarpaulins are custom made from a variety of fabrics depending on their use. Samples can be seen in our showroom.

Reefing lugs and eyelets can be added at a standard 1 metre spacing, or alternatively to your specifications as you require.

Our tarps can be used to cover anything from equipment,  or materials to  loads on your truck or trailer.

Cairnscorp Tarpaulins are manufactured with welded waterproof seams on PVC covers, or double stitched seams on canvas covers.

Standard Ropes from 1m to 3m can be added. Other sizes can be made to order and they can be spliced or clipped as required.

We also have Tarpaulins for hire– short or long term,  and various sizes are available. Useful for covering  the roof or  your building job.

Visit our showroom at 25 Crosbie Road, Pukekohe, to see our shop and factory or call us on 0800 75 76 77.