The Importance Of PVC Cover For Buildings

Understanding the Impact of NZ Weather on Buildings

New Zealand’s varied weather patterns pose unique challenges to both residential and commercial structures. The flexibility, strength, and protective qualities of PVC covers make them ideal for shielding buildings from wind, rain, and sun. These covers are not only adaptable to different locations due to their flexibility but also allow natural light to penetrate, creating a comfortable interior environment while maintaining robust external protection. Understanding PVC material properties is key to appreciating its suitability for roofing and building covers.

Innovative Building Cover Solutions

Cairnscorp is at the forefront of developing innovative PVC cover solutions tailored to meet diverse weather protection needs. Our covers, including clear PVC covers and PVC building covers, are designed with high-quality materials and can be equipped with keder tracking for easy installation and secure positioning. This design ensures the PVC can be stretched and held firmly in place, providing a durable and sustainable solution compared to traditional shrink wrap systems.

The Benefits of Custom PVC Cover

Using custom PVC covers offers significant advantages. Their adaptability and reusability stand out, especially in challenging environments where they prevent debris from causing potential hazards. Our covers, which include options like PVC dome covers for unique architectural applications, feature flexible door systems that improve accessibility and allow for effective ventilation, increasing their practicality. The antibacterial properties of the PVC reduce the need for frequent cleaning, ensuring long-term durability and safety for everyone within the protected area. Moreover, the strength and light-transmitting capability of our PVC sheeting make it a sustainable choice that can be reused multiple times, thereby reducing recycling issues associated with thinner gauge building wraps.

Success Stories of PVC Cover

One notable application of our PVC covers was during a construction project with high wind exposure at Auckland Airport. The PVC cover system we designed was specifically tailored to work in conjunction with a scaffolding system, creating a secure envelope that protected contractors and prevented materials from being blown off the site and onto the flight path, where they could potentially cause devastating effects to aircraft. For this project, we manufactured end gables to facilitate the entry of building materials and designed access doors that accommodated ventilation systems. These panels were equipped with a flexible door opening system, ensuring ease of use and adaptability to changing conditions on site. The PVC sheeting used was strong enough to withstand harsh conditions, allowed light to pass through, and was durable enough to be used repeatedly over many years. This solution not only safeguarded the construction site but also ensured uninterrupted airport operations, demonstrating the effectiveness and sustainability of our custom PVC covers in critical and high-stakes environments.

How to Choose the Right Cover for Your Building

Choosing the right PVC cover involves assessing the specific needs of your building, considering factors such as geographic location, prevailing weather conditions, and building design. Our team at Cairnscorp assists clients in selecting covers that provide the best protection while offering practical features like easy assembly and flexibility for various architectural styles. This includes understanding the meaning and benefits of PVC as a material, which is crucial for making informed choices.

Installation and Maintenance of Building Covers

Cairnscorp not only manufactures but also provides ongoing support for the PVC covers we produce. Our tarps, available in various weights and sizes, are designed for easy maintenance and longevity. They can be cleaned and repaired at our facilities, ensuring they can be reused extensively, which is a testament to their durability—some of our covers have been in use for over 20 years.

Recently, we undertook a special project for a cherished potting shed. Despite the existing roof’s deterioration from years of exposure, the building held significant sentimental value. Responding to the client’s need for a drier workspace, we crafted a new flexible roof and end panels. Our choice of white 650 gsm PVC sheeting was perfect for the task, offering the flexibility needed to conform to the shed’s curved architecture. Fixed securely with tensioners, the sheeting not only protected the interior from moisture but also allowed natural light to filter through, ensuring the shed could be used comfortably in daylight conditions.

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